World cup bodypaint: The next big attraction

Published: 08th July 2010
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The world cup event has an appeal that has made thousands or probably million to follow them either live in South Africa or live on TV or online as well some sports channel that offers recorded videos of the game. However, the next big attraction is world cup bodypaint. There are lots of people that also anticipate the models.

The world cup bodypaint are models from the participating countries are able to give the audience some alternative entertainment aside from the game itself. They are probably in the ranks of cheerleaders in kind of games.

The models represent their countries in the world cup. Most of them "wear" the colors of their flags. Say, models from Argentina looks fabulous in their light blue paint while, models from Canada would probably be covered in white and red. This holds true for almost all models.

Their pictures are usually found in official web sites; however, some has also moved from just the official web sites to fan pages as well as sports news web sites. It is also not a surprise that most of them are also featured on the news.

These models are usually those connected to the Event themselves. There are wives, girl friends, arm candies and friends of the players themselves. This does not come as a shocker anymore. Actually, these girls are up to supporting their teams any way that they can.

Aside from the collectible items from the actual world cup bodypaint event, there are also some collectibles that can be achieved through getting them in partner institutions as well as other items that you can get by limited editions only. Some of these may already include the items of the world cup bodypaint models. This makes the whole event memorable and worth all the time you invested.

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